Friday, March 1, 2013

Loose Threads #2

Birthday Snack

Just inside, there's a shopping cart nearly emptied of marked down sweets. Chocolate cookies and cupcakes with white frosting and colorful sprinkes.

We move on, picking items, ticking them, making our way around the store until the last stop. In the freezer section, mini towers of boxed canned soda line the aisle. Atop one tower, a pack of those marked down cupcakes. Someone picked them up on their way in and here decided against it at the last moment.

I wonder why until I turn and face the freezer across from it. Layer cake with white frosting and colorful sprinkles on top. Just one box missing from the pile. "Perfect for birthdays!"

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  1. I totally missed this post!

    But it's pretty cool. You should write something with a detective as an MC again.


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