Monday, September 15, 2014

Spoilers! The Spider Thief by Laurence MacNaughton

I'm about to do this thing!

So, I took advantage of two giveaways and got the first part free, read it, and then got the entire omnibus free. It's been sitting on my Kindle since, unfinished.

The thing I'm about to do: finish it! And blog as I go in ten or so parts roughly 4 chapters each, at least.

What The Spider Thief is about:

All of his life, Ash has been haunted by the ancient curse that killed his parents.

From the cobweb-choked ruins of a lost city in the Amazon emerges a gold spider statue with flashing emerald eyes. If the legends are true, the gold spider has the power to erase the past . . . change the future . . . perhaps even grant eternal life. But touching the spider will steal your memories -- and then your life.

For centuries, men have killed to possess the gold spider. Like the man who murdered Ash's parents. Now, the killer has returned, and Ash is trapped in the grip of the spider's curse.

His only hope is Cleo, his embittered high-school sweetheart, now a highly-trained agent obsessed with tracking down the spider. But Cleo knows something she's not telling Ash -- about a million dollars in dirty cash, and the terrifying secret his parents died to keep.

Can they solve the riddle of the gold spider before its deadly curse claims them next?

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