Monday, September 22, 2014

Spoilers! The Spider Thief Chapters 23 - 26

What this is all about: here

The brothers return to the ruins of their childhood home and find their dad's old safe. Inside is a journal detailing Dad's expedition through the Colombian jungles to a lost city where the Spider was found, but there are pages missing. Cleo pays Prez a visit and he explains how he got involved. He then all but says Ash is The One for Cleo, judging by his actions to protect her.

Okay, wait. Did I miss something? Did Prez mean the original deal or everything that happened after? I have thus far seen no evidence that Ash is doing all of this to protect Cleo, especially, so I'm going to assume he's talking about what we didn't see: the original deal was to protect Cleo somehow. In that case, I called it! Didn't I say there was a personal angle? Yes, I did.

To hear Prez tell it, Andres is a power-mad manipulator who, like the Spider, weaved this web to ruin the lives of our protagonists in particular. Hmm. That's it? Okay, but I'm gonna need something more.

Speaking of power, I likewise see no evidence the Spider grants any. Unless there's some Chosen One stipulation, I doubt anyone will gain supernatural abilities by the end. Andres will probably end up like the Spider's previous victims if he gets his idol.

I have more thoughts on Ash and Cleo but I'll let them simmer for now.

What is Andres's next move? When will he strike? Will Ash and his friends get out of this mess unharmed?

We shall see.

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