Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spoilers! The Spider Thief Chapters 13 - 16

What this is all about: here

Andres informs Ash that he has Mauricio now and he wants the Spider. Before Cleo can stop him, Ash takes off to rescue his brother. Abandoned Factory Action Scene ensues! At the end of which, another thing I totally called is revealed!

Woot, four chapters of action! Exclamation mark! The scene setting is impeccable. I can see everything clearly and feel the blasting heat of the sun, the stark contrasts of light and shadow, the looming of the hulking factory. I've never been inside an abandoned factory, or to Colorado, but this story takes me there.

I laughed out loud at this exchange:
Ash nodded. "I'll go up first. You cover me."

Mauricio watched him climb. "What does that even mean, 'cover me'?"

Ha! Like I said, their relationship is one of the highlights of the book.

Poor Mauricio. Andres really is fanatical about the Spider and "her" powers, and he's now adamant that Mauricio should join his little cult. This dynamic becomes more interesting with the revelation that Andres first found the Spider in Colombia, but the brothers' dad betrayed Andres, presumably making off with both the Spider and Mauricio's mom.

Add to that a little doomsaying that Ash really is cursed to death and Mauricio may turn and be the one to kill him, and I officially cannot wait to see how this all turns out.

Do not disappoint me, Spider Thief! Spoilery discussion welcome in the comments.

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